Boris Karloff Triple Feature Available on DVD today!

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Boris Karloff Triple Feature Available on DVD today!

Three action filled favorites, West of Shanghai, Invisible Menace and Devil's Island along with the trailer for West of Shanghai are all put together on this disc for over 3 hours of viewing pleasure.

  • West of Shanghai (1937) sees Karloff don the robes of Chinese bandit turned Warlord, General Fang, alongside a truly terrific ensemble (including Ricardo Cortez, Beverly Roberts, Gordon Oliver and Sheila Bromley) in this Asian flavored adaptation of the Western drama "The Bad Man."

  • The Invisible Menace (1938) Karloff is the lynchpin for the munitions murder mystery/wedding night farce, playing Jevries, a quiet, embittered victim of a criminally enterprising ordinance expert. When that expert turns up dead, all suspicion falls on Jevries.

  • In Devil's Island (1939), Karloff delivers a total knockout as a doctor set against the disease of France's notorious penal colony system. Righteous, defiant and unwilling to surrender, Karloff's Dr. Charles Gaudet deserves his place within the cinematic pantheon of truly cool convicts.

Please note that these movies are made from the highest quality master available, but have not been remastered or restored for this release.

I found the picture and sound quality of all three movies to be rather good. There were a few shadowy scenes but nothing serious, in my opinion. I found all three of the movies enjoyable and engaging.

Even so, I could see some "noise" in a few places - that's the little white specks and scratchy looking things that were known for showing up on film in the theaters - but it didn't bother me. If anything, it added to my film watching experience - back when I was much younger it was common to see those on films that had played repeatedly - so it gives off that "old movie theater" feeling.

All that was missing - my fault totally - was the popcorn and rootbeer. But I can take care of that business the next time I pop that disc into the player - which will be right after I'm finished publishing this review...