Wizard of Oz in 3-D

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Wizard of Oz on BluRay & 3D discWe all know the story of how Dorothy (Judy Garland) tries to save her dog, Toto, from an evil neighbor woman (played by Margaret Hamilton), then runs away from home because she's not satisfied with how her Auntie Em handled the situation. A storm brewing in the distance turns into a tornado and sends Dorothy flying off into the colorful land of Oz, where she meets all kinds of interesting characters and finds herself on a quest to Emerald City hoping the Wizard (played by Frank Morgan) can send her back home.

The 3D version just kind of pops out at you - as if you're right there, which is pretty awesome when you're watching the scenes where they're in a field of poppies or when they're approaching the wizard. I have to warn you, though - if you have inner ear issues that are triggered visually, like I do - you'll want to stick with the non 3-D format.

No doubt one of the most beloved films of all time, The Wizard of Oz celebrates 75 years in 2014, and Warner Bros is celebrating by releasing a special 75th Anniversary Edition in 3D - BluRay-UltraViolet.

Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the WestThis set has some really cool special features, which I really enjoyed - commentaries and interviews and a movie trailer that were all very insightful. The commentaries and interviews take the viewer behind the scenes, giving us first hand thoughts of the actors who portrayed the characters, and some from those who were cast but it didn't work out. Did you know that Shirley Temple hoped to play the role of Dorothy? Or that Buddy Ebson (Jed Clampett, from the Beverly Hillbilies) was originally cast as the Tin Man but had to forfeit the role after a severe reaction to the makeup, and that the original Wicked Witch of the West was too pretty for her role, so it had to be recast?

Happy 75th to The Wizard of Oz! L. Frank Baum would have been nothing short of delighted!