Great Gift Ideas for Father's Day

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Does the "old man" like vintage movies? Red Skelton did a couple of them that together would make a cute Father's Day gift for this year.

Warner Archives' "Made To Order" program is offering these - you can pre-order them today for shipment on June 12 - so you can get them in time for Father's Day.


Half a Hero (1953)

    Directed by:
  • Don Weis
  • Starring:
  • Red Skelton
  • Jean Hagan
  • Hugh Corcoran
  • Charles Dingle
  • Special Guest Appearance:
  • Polly Bergen

Red Skelton, one of Americas most beloved comics in his day,plays Ben Dobson, a writer for Everybody Magazine in NYC.

Ben's just a regular guy working a regular job, and he and his lovely bride settle down in a small Manhattan apartment, where he's happy as a lark, but she's starting to feel a bit cramped a few short years after giving birth to their son, so she talks him into purchasing a nice house in the suburbs.

I have to hand it to the Real Estate agent in this film - he knows how to sell a house! First show the starry eyed bride and her anxious and worried husband the nicest, sweetest looking house you have that is somewhat higher in price than what they were originally looking for. Then zoom in for the sale by showing them all the ratty and run-down looking houses in their price range.

So the family moves into their new home where he's apprehensive, but she's raring to go. She wants to get involved in the community and he just wants to concentrate on how he's going to pay for all this. All he sees is bills, bills, and more bills while she's focused on friends, neighbors, and enjoying having a life and making one for her family.

She talks hubby in to participating, too, although he has an ulterior motive - and finds that as he talks to some of the husbands, their own words of wisdom play on his anxieties!

Finally, he just can't take it any more, so he decides the house must go. He puts his foot down - it's either the house or his marriage. Of course his wife can't seem to live without him, so she reluctantly agrees to forfeit the house to save her marriage.

This movie does seem to beg the question, "Will this man wake up and discover the value of what he has?"

Aside from the entertainment factor, it seems to carry a good message - an encouragement to enjoy what you have rather than worrying about what you might not have. In our current economy, I can't think of a more important message, and it was delivered well by one of the better comedians of yesteryear.

With Father's Day fast approaching, this is a must see - for both husbands and wives. You'll see yourselves in here, I'm sure. As funny as it is, this movie brings out some truths that would benefit today's young couples - there's a lot of wit and wisdom packed into this delightful little movie.

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The Great Diamond Robbery (1954)

Red plays a diamond cutter who was orphaned as a baby. He was left on a park bench in Central Park, NYC as an infant.

Every year on his birthday he places an ad in the paper looking for his parents, and numerous times he's had the ad answered only to discover that the people answering the ad were not really his family after all.

Sad and lonely, he celebrates his birthday this year with "wild plum juice" in a bar and lands in the tank over night. He is 'bailed out' by an attorney who, discovering his plight, helps him find his long lost family.

Or, does he?

This slapstick comedy is performed in the only way that Red Skelton can deliver.

You can order this from in time for Father's Day.