A treat for Charlie Chan fans!

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Charlie Chan fans and collectors of Charlie Chan memorabilia will enjoy this recent DVD release by Warner Brothers - it's the complete set of Hanna-Barbera's The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan (1972) animated series which ran on CBS from September through December, 1972.

Basically, it's more Charlie Chan action but this time it includes his rather large family and their dog, along with some very creative storyline effects. Some favorites which some of you might remember are their van which can be turned into a variety of different vehicles as needed, or the technical prowess of one of the Chan kids. It's just amazing how there's a technical answer for just about anything, which is fun to watch in this day and age.

Additionally, the Chan Clan, which includes 10 Charlie Chan offspring, are musical as well as smart, playing and singing music when not solving a new crime with each episode. Each episode, by the way, runs for about 20 minutes each, although airtime on the television was 30 minutes due to advertisement spots, so this shows just how well scripted and delightful these episodes are.

This is a two disc set that includes all 16 episodes of fun filled excitement, starring Keye Luke as Charlie Chan, Gene Andrusco as Flip, and Jodie Foster as Anne Chan, among others.

Keye Luke, as you may know, played "number one son" Lee Chan in the cinematic series, alongside Warner Oland, and interestingly, is the only Chinese member of the cast in the animated series.

You'll enjoy the funny antics of the Chan kids as they solve mystery after mystery with the cooperation of their dog, Chuchu. (or is that, chew chew?). "Wham! Bam! We're in a jam!"

This series on DVD is now available through the Warner Archives "Made To Order" program at www.wbshop.com .

Awesome for Chan collectors but also great for gift giving. Kids will enjoy watching these, as will those of us who were kids when this series first came out.