Made To Order: Born to be Bad (1950)

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Born to be Bad (1950)Joan Fontaine plays Christabel Caine, a beautiful and innocent looking young thing who turns out to be a narcissistic man-eater who thinks nothing of stealing her cousin's rich fiance. And then - what's worse - ok, first she's with this guy Nick, and she cheats on him with the cousin's rich fiance, right? So then she gets the rich fiance to marry her, instead, and then she turns around and cheats on him with the guy she cheated on in the first place. (Try to figure that one out while you wait for your movie to arrive in the mail.)

This movie was so good that it made me mad! I'm surprised I still have my television and DVD player! I hated Joan Fontaine after watching this, which means she portrayed her character with exceptional skill and talent. I was so ready to throw the tv out the window and then blow it up. Oh, I was ticked. What kind of a b-word pulls this kind of garbage?!

Ladies - word of caution - unless you hate men, this is NOT the movie to watch when you're either PMSing or going through the change of life because Christabel will gnaw away at your last nerve and then you'll want to b-slap her.

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